Have you ever listened to a child relate what they want to be when they grow up? The answers can vary significantly. Fireman, doctor, lawyer or some ambitious one would be the first actress, president, doctor and astronaut. The truth is very few kids are committed to their answers, changing them as quickly as time flies. Truthfully, those fickle ways are often embedded in us as adults.

However, as adults we strive to maintain focus but get distracted by a little thing called….life. Finding the right job that pays well, kids, paying the bills….the list goes on. While all these things are important, we lose focus on the most vital individual in our lives…ourselves. It seems our goals, dreams and ambitions are often blocked by more internal rather than external forces. My focus often takes and annoying shift with my constant procrastination. I’m my own worst enemy, when I self sabotage doing mundane crap that can wait till later.Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

In addition, my next focus blocker is FEAR. The fear isn’t really embedded in being fearful of my goals and dreams becoming a reality, it’s failure. I’m slowly learning to not fall to pieces when I fail.



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